Kombucha Taste Experience.

Meet Our first Kombucha Tasters for their first 30 Days On Kombucha , if you ever wanted feedback from kombucha Virgins then have a read below.

Loren (Lorenzo) Dunlop

Day one: 16/05/16

Brought my kombucha into work to have as a mid morning drink. I’m on the lemon and ginger variety - I have to say it really is one of the most delicious and refreshing things i’ve tasted. I’ll be looking forward to this over the next 30 days! Shame its only 125ml per serving….

Day three: 18/05/2016

I really look forward to my daily Kombucha. I’ve used it to replace my morning coffee when I arrive to work. I have to say I’m not missing the coffee - I feel focussed.

Day five: 20/05/2016

I’ve gotten through the work week without buying a cappuccino! I’ve had some bad weeks where i’d be buying and drinking coffee 3+ times a day. It's been quite easy this week to resist, I feel a bit more alert and focussed generally and this is helping make and stick to good decisions with my diet.

Day seven: 22/05/2016

After my first week on the trial I’d have to say I feel more resilient to bad food choices, I’ve definitely cut my coffee intake way way down with little effort, but I feel fresh and focussed - no caffeine withdrawal.

Day ten: 25/05/2016

Just a steady continuation from week one, feel fresh, more alert in the morning. I have to say I really look forward to drinking it each morning, it's delicious.

Day thirteen: 28/05/2016

I feel like I’m sleeping better. Not aware of waking as much in the night, waking up feeling like I’ve really rested and am ready to go.

Day sixteen: 31/05/2016

Yeah i’m definitely on a run here of solid sleeping. I’ve even had a few curve balls thrown at me: late nights in work plus a sick child - but I don’t feel tired, don’t feel like it's affected me in any way. I’m getting more quality sleep and I feel more resilient as a result.

Christine Watts




Day 1 – Monday 16th May 2016 Well its day 1 of the big kombucha trial (Imagine the voice over man from big brothers voice saying it!) and I’m very excited to get started. The rules are 125ml a day for the next 30 days to see what effect, if any, it has on me.   I don’t have any expectations as to what will happen over the next 30 days and I don’t plan to change any other aspect of my diet or my life style so any changes will be down to the kombucha as opposed to any other life style factors.  A little bit about me in general is that I am vegetarian- so a lot of the bad stuff is already cut out of my diet, I’m a dedicated yogi on my way to be being a fully-fledged (albeit tremendously nervous) teacher and that about from everyday life is my exercise. I have to be totally honest and admit that I had a sneaky drink of the kombucha last night as I was dying to try it and it was literally calling out to me from the fridge. I normally start my day ( at around 6 am) with 2 cups of coffee with almond milk ( nothing beats a little almond latte to get you started) but I decided to go hard core this morning and have kombucha as soon as I woke up and then had a decaf coffee before work.  I thought by about 10 am I would be flagging but surprisingly I had quite a bit of energy and no real hankering for caffeine fix.   I would never drink caffeine after lunch as it really affects my sleep but didn’t feel like I needed any to keep me going during the day. The only thing different that I have noticed is that my tummy is a little bit noisy,  as if it’s getting used to the kombucha. By the end of work, and after no coffee all day, I’ve noticed that I’m not tired or looking for a caffeine fix in fact I would normally have a few cups of decaf coffee during the day but I haven’t even felt the need for them.  All good so far.   
Day 2 - I was really looking forward to my kombucha this morning, particularly as its lemon and ginger it’s a really lovely refreshing way to start the morning and really sets you up before breakfast, which normally consists of a big bowl of porridge.  Think if I’m being honest my biggest challenge might actually be only drinking 125ml of it a day, it’s definitely quite moreish.  Again I have only had decaffeinated coffee this morning and will just have to wait and see if I’m left flagged at the end of the day…. Well its 6.30 and after a particularly long and quite challenging day once again I’ve made it through the day feeling quite energised with no coffee. The only slight down side is I am a little bit windy!! 
Day 3  - Well its day 3 of the big kombucha trial and once again I was straight to the fridge to get my kombucha.  It’s quite strange one thing I have noticed is that the kombucha has tasted different each morning the ginger and lemon seems to have developed while it’s been in the bottle and has developed a richer taste.  It’s very refreshing in the morning. Again I’ve made my way through the day without any caffeine – so it’s looking quite promising.  I haven’t noticed any significant changes yet except that there are no more noises from my stomach.  At night I would sometimes have had some slight indigestion and feel a bit bloated at night but so far the last 2 nights I haven’t and I haven’t changed anything else about my diet so it’s looking quite promising.  Looking forward to seeing how the next 27 days develop!!!!   The only thing that has changed is my need for caffeine in the morning – I know it’s only 3 days in but I don’t feel I need it to wake me up any more as the lemon and ginger seem to do that much better.  Still a bit windy but not as bad as yesterday, roll on day 4!! 
Day 4  - Day 4 and again everything seems to be going well.  I’ve established a nice little habit now of going straight to the fridge to get my kombucha before having breakfast. Again I’ve only drank decaffeinated coffee and teas and yet still have as much energy, perhaps even slightly more than usual. The main difference I have noticed is that I would normally have had some bloating at night in my stomach and I haven’t really had this since I started taking the kombucha every day.  I can only really attribute it to the kombucha as nothing else has changed in my diet. I am still a bit windy but it seems to lessen each day   
Day 5 - Day 5 already and the morning ritual continues with great effect.  I definitely feel more awake in the mornings after taking it and don’t feel the need for a shot of coffee which is a pretty big change.  My energy levels are staying pretty level all day.  Totally appreciate that this is oversharing in the worst possible sense but I seem to have more frequent bowel movements as well – must be all the probiotics!!   
Day 6 & 7 - This is particularly demanding weekend as I have yoga teacher training all day both days and normally feel totally exhausted at the end of the class as it’s a lot of physical work and mentally challenging too. Both mornings after taking the kombucha I definitely felt more awake, alert and hydrated.  Again appreciate that this is TMI but my bowel movements are definitely more frequent.  My stomach for want of a better way to describe this feels happier as well not so much wind and definitely more settled and content than it has been for some time. At the end of both days although I was tired I was nowhere near as tired as I have been on previous weekend and can only assume that the kombucha has helped with this.  I hadn’t really expected to notice much of a difference in the first week so to speak as I imagined that drinking such a small amount wouldn’t really make much of an impact.  I was expecting the changes to take place in week 2 or 3 but it was quite noticeable after the first day.  I did feel slightly unsettled on the first 2 days with wind etc but that subsided very quickly and then the benefits started to kick in.  Really looking forward to week 2 to see what else happens.
 Day 8 – Monday 23rd May 2016. Well the start of a new week and I’m feeling pretty good after a full week of kombucha.  I have definitely noticed that I’m not as tired and I don’t drink any caffeine at all during the day just decaffeinated coffee (purely cause I love the taste of coffee) My stomach has definitely been more settled and again today, although this is a strange way to describe it, my stomach feels quite contented.  By bed time today my tummy is still un-bloated despite not changing any other part of my diet.  I can only attribute this ‘happy tummy’ feeling to the kombucha as my work, lifestyle etc hasn’t changed at all. I can’t wait to the start of next week if I feel this good after 1 week! 
Day 9 - I was really looking forward to my kombucha this morning, it’s really refreshing and is so much kinder to my stomach than trying to drink water in the morning.  I have real issues trying to drink water during the day and up until now I haven’t really been drinking much.  I’m not sure if the kombucha has affected my taste but yesterday and today when I was thirsty the first thing I thought of was some nice water or sparkling water rather than my usual go to of tea of coffee.  It’s strange the weird things that it can impact on but I definitely feel like having fresh things.  Again at bedtime my tummy is still happy with no issues 
Day 10 - Day 10, were has the time gone.  The only negative thing so far has been that this morning I have some spots – clearly I am blaming the kombucha and the fact that all of the probiotics in my gut must be working overtime to rid me of some toxins and this is why I have spots (nothing to do with my skin care regime!) if this is the only side effect I think I can live with it as the rest have all been very positive.
 Day 11 - Well unfortunately the spots are still here but apart from that I generally feel great.  My sleeping had been improving with me getting more uninterrupted sleep during the night – again I’m not sure how the kombucha would have impacted on this but it definitely seems to have made a difference.  Well up until last night when due to the hot weather I had a terrible night’s sleep. Even after a bad night’s sleep I still feel pretty alert and hydrated in the morning and relish my morning kombucha. 
 Day 12 - I’m always slightly surprised at how fizzy the kombucha is despite the bottle being open now for quite some time.  The good news is that my spots are pretty much clearing up and that I’m feeling pretty great.  It would be easy to dismiss it as physiological – the old saying if you think something is doing you good then it will but there has been a definite improvement in my overall energy levels and one thing you can’t argue with is that I am more regular now (I know not the nicest of subjects but pretty important non the less) and I think this is due to my stomach and digestive system being a bit ‘cleaner ‘and having more good bacteria.
 Day 13 & 14 - Another really busy weekend planned with lots of studying and enjoying the sunshine.  I definitely feel more hydrated since taking the kombucha every day and I have noticed a bit of a change in my skin in that it seems to be slightly more moisturised – I’m not sure if this is even possible or linked to it or maybe it’s because I haven’t been needing to drink caffeine and just sticking to decaf.  I would normally get quite dry skin around my nose etc but this week I’ve noticed that my skin seems to be less dry.  In the past I have tried taking things that the probiotic drink that you buy in the shops with ‘good bacteria’ and genuinely didn’t notice any effect on my overall health whereas after 2 weeks of taking the kombucha I have seen a real improvement in my digestive health.Roll on week 3!!  I will be keeping this up once the trial finishes but it would be nice to mix it up in the mornings with some different flavours as well. 


Day 16 – Monday 30th May 2016

Another week, where has the time gone!  Today has really been a continuation of the previous week.  With the weather being so much warmer now it’s made me look forward even more to the refreshing kombucha in the morning and definitely makes me more hydrated.  I think it’s made my skin slightly clearer as well. The taste of the kombucha in my opinion has changed significantly since I started the trial.  I have to say like a good wine it improves with age, it’s much richer and the taste really develops over time with it being much citrusier


Day 17

This morning I had berry kombucha and I’ll be having it for the next few days, its delicious very very refreshing.


Day 18

Disaster a few more spots have come but again this must mean my system is clearing itself out and getting rid of all of the toxins.  The plus side is my stomach is a lot happier and I haven’t had any bloating or anything since it started.


Day 19

The spots remain but I feel great.  My sleeping has improved slightly but with the heat at night it’s not really a good idea to compare it.  My taste has changed I have never had a sweet tooth but even less so now it’s definitely makes you want to make improvements and eat good healthy clean food. 


Day 20

Still amazed that my kombucha is fizzy!!  That must be all of the energy in it that’s being passed onto me, after drinking it you do feel a sort of healthy glow like you know it’s doing you some good as soon as you take it. I’m kind of like a much healthier version of the readybrek kid!!


Day 21 & 22

Another really busy weekend but I am definitely less tired since I’ve started this trial.  This morning I had berry kombucha again.  My skin is still definitely much improved since the trial started and my stomach feels much better and lots healthier.  I prefer taking kombucha as which is natural rather than tablets etc which are full of other ingredients.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone to give it a try.




 Anya Hanna 



Anya was trying both the Kombucha and the Kombucha Soap for her eczema

Day 1 - really itchy rash within 30 mins of taking it, loving the taste though.
Day 2 - still very itchy all day , felling slightly annoyed by itchiness. 
Day 3 - itchiness gone , feeling fuller all day not craving sweet things , eczema seems less flared, bowel movements more substantial. 
Day 4-7 stomach less bloated, even after eating wheat ( my ibs nemesis) no sugar craving at all, less hungry 
( noticing that after about 4 days or 5 days of being open the Kombucha is more potent and less palatable. Start new bottle tomorrow!)
Day 8 - new bottle, much fresher flavour, trying to incorporate some of the scoby into each glass. Definitely feel fuller longer after drinking. 
Day 9 - yum, really like the Kombucha. Eczema on leg is clearing well, bowels much more regular and solid , feeling tired tho ( not sure if that is associated!) 
Day 10 - still tired but skin is fresher, people have commented on zesty, youthful appearance!!